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An Advocate For You And Your Child

Child custody and parenting time concerns are some of the most sensitive matters a parent will encounter. It's incredibly difficult to think about giving up time with your children, which can make it challenging to make unbiased decisions.

Whether the custody matters are associated with a divorce or it's a post-judgment modification, at the Law Office of Sarah Dinsmore Riggs PLLC, I will help you make decisions that prioritize your children's best interests while advocating for your rights.

Helping You Answer All Of Your Custody Questions

When you are going through a situation you've never faced before, you will undoubtedly have questions. I am here to help you answer all of those questions so that you feel confident in making the right decisions for your family.

  • Can I move? If your move is significant (more than 100 miles or out of state), it requires court approval. I can help you determine if your proposed move meets the requirements and, if so, file the required petition.
  • How is custody determined? In Michigan, if the parents can't come to an agreement on their own, the judge will determine the best interests of the child using 12 specific factors.
  • What is legal custody? Legal custody pertains to which parent makes decisions for the child on topics such as education and religion.
  • Are the decisions we make today permanent? Modifications to custody, parenting time and child support can be made under certain specific circumstances, and I can give you an honest assessment as to whether you meet that criteria.

An Attorney Who Understands The Importance And Value Of Family

When you need a family-oriented lawyer in Plymouth, you can count on me to represent you and your children's best interests with each decision we make together.

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