The dangers of domestic violence

The dangers of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Many Michigan spouses suffer in a relationship that involves domestic violence. Violent abusers rarely change their behavior on their own, meaning home life for spouses and children could be dangerous. Taking legal steps might be unavoidable for those hoping to protect themselves.

The forms of domestic violence

Domestic violence is often about control. An abusive spouse, parent or another family member could engage in abusive behavior designed to force submissive behavior. Sometimes, the abusive person uses family members to vent frustrations, not caring about the harm they may cause.

Many people define domestic violence as physical battery, such as hitting. And yes, physical abuse does reflect a dangerous form of domestic violence. However, domestic violence can take other forms. For example, domestic violence might include sexual abuse and marital rape.

Violence against pets happens, as an abuser may threaten or actually harm a pet to punish family members. Abusers could justify such behavior, blaming victims for forcing them to do things to behave.

Domestic violence may also embody verbal and emotional abuse. Constant berating and bullying might intend to force someone into compliance. Abusers may attempt to isolate their victims from friends, family and even their professional pursuits to exercise control.

Ending the situation

Victims of domestic violence may benefit from leaving home and procuring an order of protection. Safety should come first; seeking legal and law enforcement help might help keep a victim safe. Counseling and support may further assist someone struggling to overcome domestic abuse.

For married victims, filing for divorce seems unavoidable in many dangerous situations. The final divorce order could include rules about child custody and visitation that protect the young one from a potentially abusive parent.