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Compassionate Guidance From A Personal Protective Order Attorney

Last updated on June 25, 2024

Every family law scenario is different, but any time conflicts arise in families or between loved ones, there is always a possibility that confrontations cross lines. When there are accusations of or facts, including domestic violence, in a pending family law matter, a compassionate and dedicated family law attorney can provide invaluable legal counsel and advice.

I am a Personal Protective Order attorney and my name is Sarah Dinsmore Riggs. I have dedicated my law firm, the Law Office of Sarah Dinsmore Riggs, PLLC, to providing focused legal support in family law and divorce cases to my Michigan clients in Plymouth and its surrounding communities. I want to help you get through this challenging time in your life and get on your way toward a better tomorrow.

Filing For A Personal Protective Order In Michigan

In the state of Michigan, a Personal Protective Order (PPO) is the equivalent of a restraining order that is issued by the court to help protect someone from harassment or abuse by a family member, intimate partner, or another individual. To obtain a personal protective order (PPO) in Michigan, you need to:

  • Fill out the personal protective order (PPO) application detailing the reasons for requesting the order.
  • Submit the application to your local county court.
  • Attend a hearing, if required, where both parties can present their side of the story.

You can file for a personal protective order (PPO) on your own, and you do not need a lawyer if a personal protective order (PPO) has been filed against you. However, having an attorney who has experience with PPOs can provide significant advantages. I understand the legal intricacies of a personal protective order (PPO) and I can advise you on your legal options. I can also advocate on your behalf to make sure that your voice is heard and your parental rights are protected.

Domestic Violence And Divorce

Domestic violence cases are profoundly emotional and complex, especially when intertwined with divorce proceedings. I recognize the depths of emotions and the unique challenges presented in such situations. I provide compassionate guidance, without judgment, to ensure that you understand the proceedings, your options and the possible effects that a personal protective order (PPO) can have on your pending divorce or other family law matter.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A PPO Lawyer

I offer prospective clients a confidential, free initial consultation. If you are considering filing for a PPO, have had a PPO filed against you, or are contemplating a divorce and have an existing personal protective order (PPO) in place, I can advise you of your next steps.

To schedule your free appointment, contact me at 734-335-8949 or send me an email through my website. I look forward to telling you more about how I can help you with your legal matter.