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Step-Parent Adoptions In Michigan: Building New Family Bonds

Last updated on June 25, 2024

As families grow, evolve and change, sometimes one family becomes two and sometimes two families join together to create one. Taking the legal step of adoption can secure this new family bond. Step-parent adoptions can be a heartwarming decision, symbolizing the strengthening of a new family unit. I am step-parent adoption lawyer Sarah Dinsmore Riggs.

By founding the Law Office of Sarah Dinsmore Riggs, PLLC, I have dedicated my legal career to supporting families in Plymouth and its surrounding communities. I am deeply passionate about helping Michigan families navigate the complexities of family law, providing compassionate and comprehensive legal representation.

How Can A Step-Parent Legally Adopt A Child?

In Michigan, a child can legally only have two parents. In order for a step-parent to legally adopt a child, the other biological child must:

  • Be deceased
  • Agree to terminate their legal parental rights voluntarily
  • The court orders an involuntary termination of parental rights

For a step-parent to officially adopt a child in Michigan, the parental rights of any other living biological parent must be terminated. This can happen voluntarily or through court proceedings.

When a court is considering the involuntary termination of parental rights, there must be evidence that a child was abused, neglected or abandoned. In a step-parent adoption, the process is much easier if the biological parent voluntarily agrees to terminate their rights.

The Consequences Of Terminating A Biological Parent’s Rights

Terminating the parental rights of a biological parent will have significant legal effects and consequences. These include:

  • The biological parent will no longer have decision-making authority on behalf of the child
  • The biological parent will lose all parental rights to visitation and parenting time
  • The custodial parent no longer has the right to receive child support from the biological parent and the biological parent is no longer obligated to pay child support

In addition, the child will be free to be adopted by a step-parent. In the event that you are considering relinquishing your rights as a biological parent, or you are a step-parent looking to adopt a child, I can advise you of the legal consequences that are inherent in your decision should you choose to go forward with the proceeding.

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