What are the 4 main types of divorce?

What are the 4 main types of divorce?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Divorce

It’s impossible to know whether or not a marriage will stand the test of time. If things don’t work out between two parties in a marriage, there’s sometimes no other option but for them to divorce. Before you end your Michigan marriage, it’s good to know that there are different ways for a couple to divorce. Here’s more information about the four most common type.

Simplified divorce

Not every couple ending their marriage has lots of assets to split up or children to divide spending time with. Couples in this situation typically go through a simplified divorce, which is perfect for adults with no children and few assets. Most couples who go through this type of divorce were typically married for only a short amount of time.

Limited divorce

While not as common as other divorce options, some states allow limited divorces. With that said, a limited divorce has many rules each divorcing party must follow. This arrangement is similar to a legal separation.

No-fault divorce

No-fault divorces happen when both parties in a message agree that neither party is at fault for the marriage ending. Besides having irreconcilable differences or being incompatible with each other, couples in a no-fault divorce don’t have to provide specific reasons for their marriage to end.

Uncontested divorce

Uncontested divorces occur when two parties amicably agree to end their marriage. This option is best for couples who generally agree on custody, finances and similar matters.

Going through a divorce can be a confusing time. Hopefully, this look at the main types helps provide you with some clarity. By choosing one of them, you and your estranged partner can complete divorce proceedings as fast as possible.