How can you minimize the effects of a divorce.

How can you minimize the effects of a divorce.

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce is something that many couples in Michigan will go through. However, despite divorce being so common, there is stigma associated with it in many cases. Culture and religion sometimes play a role, however, some of the stigma comes from how people discuss divorce.

How do words make a difference?

The language you use should be empathetic and respectful. Using terms like “shared parenting” instead of “broken” home creates an atmosphere with less judgmental discourse. When couples end a marriage, keeping things as amicable as possible often makes a difference.

Normalizing divorce reduces the stigma

Because half of marriages end in divorce, normalizing divorce is an acceptable way of reducing the stigma. Considering positive experiences and outcomes instead of only negative aspects may make things easier. Reframing the experience as something more transformative than traumatic can make it easier to discuss related issues in a calmer, more rational way.

Can strong friendships help in a divorce?

People getting divorced often benefit from maintaining close bonds with friends. Many people feel isolated and stigmatized if they lack a good support system. Going out with friends is one way to establish and reinforce a support system.

Can divorces result in positive relationships?

Although most see divorce as a. negative outcome, it may be beneficial when the parties have an unhealthy relationship. Sometimes the issues that affect a couple in a marriage resolve when they go their own ways. Maintaining a healthy relationship after divorcing is essential for parents as they bring their children up in different homes.

Thinking about divorcing can be challenging. However, reducing the stigma as much as possible helps.