Tips on achieving a child-centered divorce

Tips on achieving a child-centered divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Divorce

Many married Michigan couples come to realize that their marriages no longer work and choose to get divorced. Those with children might feel they have to tread lightly for the kids’ sake. If you want to have a child-centered divorce, these tips can help.

Work with your former spouse

To achieve a divorce centered around your children, you and your spouse must work together through the process. You don’t have to be friends, but remaining respectful and compromising is crucial. Avoid fighting in front of your children as well. It might be difficult based on the circumstances of your split, but arguments should be curbed for the kids’ sake.

Consider staying out of court

Many divorces end up in the courtroom, leading to much emotional turmoil. Traditional proceedings can hurt children and take a long time to end. Instead, consider divorce mediation or collaborative divorce; both allow you and your spouse to take control of your split and give you a chance to end your marriage faster. Your children are also shielded from the proceedings, making things easier.

Focus on your children

You and your former spouse both want the same thing: to keep things civil for your children. During your divorce, focus on your relationship with them. It can help your children feel secure that both of you are still there for them and put them above your differences. Also, never put your children in uncomfortable situations during your divorce; for example, don’t badmouth your spouse to them. It can lead to anger, sadness or resentment against your estranged spouse or even you.

Parents who want a healthy divorce should always put their children first. It keeps things civil and makes things easier for everyone.