Answering Common Questions About Child Support

How Do I Start Seeking Child Support?

In order for a parent to pay child support to the other, the court needs to recognize both parents who are responsible for the child. If the father has not signed an affidavit of parentage, then you may need to seek genetic testing to confirm fatherhood over a child. An experienced family law attorney can help you throughout this process.

What Determines The Amount Of Child Support

In Michigan, the state has placed laws into effect that will ensure that child support is calculated in a fair and balanced manner. The guidelines for child support base themselves largely on the income of each parent, as well as how much time each parent spends with the children involved.

There are cases in which the court does not follow these guidelines. There can also be additional types of child support in the forms of medical support and child care support if they are relevant to your unique case.

What Happens When The Other Parent Is Not Paying Their Child Support?

If a party is not willing to cooperate with the child support order, and begins withholding their payment, there are steps you can take to gain the payments your children need. Our team can help you seek compensation by withholding portions of their income from many sources, such as:

  • Tax refunds
  • Unemployment or workers’ compensation
  • Social Security
  • Employment income

What Can You Do To Give Yourself The Best Outcome In Your Child Support Needs

If you are trying to start getting child support, resume getting your payments, ensure your payments are correct, renegotiate payments or anything else related to it, contact an experienced lawyer who can help you meet your goals. Contact us at our Plymouth office by calling 734-335-8949 to schedule a free initial consultation today.