Divorce and the eight-year itch

Divorce and the eight-year itch

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Divorce

Not all marriages last, as evidenced by divorce filings in Michigan courts. Various reasons factor into why a married couple may opt to dissolve their union. Research into the reasons why may uncover trends that reflect the causes. Examining these trends and causes might help divorcing couples better understand why divorce seems inevitable.

Time wears down a marriage

Research reveals that the average length of a first marriage that ends in divorce is a little more than eight years. Some apply the term eight-year itch to the scenario, a spin on the old colloquialism, the seven-year itch. Such descriptions may make light of a serious issue: couples can grow apart in a relatively short period of time.

Life circumstances may change dramatically for someone in eight years, sometimes sooner. A person’s career could become more demanding, requiring them to spend more time at work than at home, which might create friction. The two spouses may see the importance of career-impacting decisions differently, and a marriage might suffer.

Life’s goals also change as someone ages. A career may begin to wind down, prompting the necessity to save money and plan for retirement. If both spouses are not in agreement about their finances, friction might develop, and the relationship may degrade.

Troubles persist in the marriage

As problems in a marriage, divorce could prove inevitable. While some may amicably separate and file for dissolution, some spouses might find themselves arguing incessantly. Arguing could extend into mental abuse, which further erodes the marriage.

Regardless of the reasons for divorce, addressing spousal support, child custody and asset distribution is critical for both parties. Even a marriage that lasted only a short time could lead to a complex divorce.